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Elevator Controllers

Elevator Controllers

ISF Elevator supplies all types of electronic products that compatible with MR & MRL systems with parallel or serial connections. Moreover, elevator controls for two speed and VVVF motors also for hydraulic systems can be supplied by our company. With these controller systems, passenger comfort can be maximized by providing a smooth ride. Elevator control technology with the integrated drive can be offered higher safety standards. The elevator controllersare provided with a simple wire connection, thanks to CAN bus serial communication which saves your field labor time. Also can be used with parallel connection by adding extra electronic device and Our controllers are universally serviceable and maintainable by any and all elevator contractors.

All of our elevator controllers compatible with European Standards which are EN81-1, EN81-1A3, and EN81-20/50.
Panels according to the standards of each country can be produced if requested like GOST-R (Russia Certificates of Conformity).

We can supply not only an elevator control panel but also elevator controller units, speed control units, integrated elevator control units, regenerative units, door controllers, and auxiliary units.
Besides, We also supply car operating panels, landing operating panels, and landing indicator panels compatible with elevator controllers.
So, as ISF Elevator, we provide the exact top-quality materials that your need. The only thing you should consider is to define your needs, check our products and let us help you to give you the best.