Elevator Cabins

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Elevator Cabins

Elevator cabins are steel structures that can be used for the transportation of loads and people between floors. Elevator cabins are made of a steel floor and a carrier skeleton. The elevator cabin frame is covered with sidewalls and ceiling to create a closed volume. The cabinets are shaped according to the elevator traffic situation and the amount and type of cargo.

All types of patterned cabin in line with European standards can be supplied by ISF Elevator.

What’s more, according to the customers demands all types of cabins for passenger, stretcher, and goods with any dimensions can be supplied. The cabins carry out all functional and technical requirements.

ISF Elevator offers a wide range of coating options,  finishing options, floor options, and ceiling options for the cabin. Stainless steel, artificial leather, laminate, or ESP painted coating options are available in our products. Flooring options are granite, glass, painted glass, PVC and checkered plate. In our elevator cabins, our stainless steel ceiling models offer a variety of visuals to our customers. Our ceiling models vary in laser cutting and punch. If the ceiling model is suitable, the company name or logo can be laser cut.

EN81-20/50 covers the widest change in elevator standards for the last 20 years. Landing and cabin doors, horizontal door openings, landing and cabin doors, glass door and cabin doors, horizontal sliding doors, locking and locking of landing doors, unlocking in case of emergency, and opening of the cabin door are covered in EN81-20. The main purpose is to provide safer measures for users and employees in elevators. We continue to serve our customers with our cabinets complying with EN81-20/50.

ISF Elevator exports all types of elevator cabins to the world and the goal is to satisfy the customers. The strong presence of ISF elevator & Components in the global elevator market shows the strength of the Turkish Elevator Sector in the world.