Counter Weight Frames

Counter Weight Frames with easy installation. 1:1 & 2:1 Roping.



Elevator Counter weight Frames

Elevator counterweight is a very important element of elevators in order to provide more safety and more efficiency. The principle is very simple. Elevators are modern cabins to carry people and goods upwards and downwards. And we need power or energy to achieve this process. So, if we use the help of a counterweight on the elevator system, we will need less energy to hoist the load. And, thanks to the traditional pulley working principle, it will be more efficient to use elevators.

So, what are the counterweight in the elevator and the frame? It is obvious that we can’t use an elevator counterweight material directly attached to the system. We need a special system to use this advantage safely, which is called an elevator counterweight frame.

Today, after all that years of development, the most efficient counterweight designs are attached to the elevator systems. As ISF Elevator Company, we provide top-quality elevator counterweight frames to our customers. Our frames are easy to install and 1:1 & 2:1 Roping.



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