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ISF was founded to supply elevator equipment for use in the modernization of existing elevators and in new elevator design.

Our first company has been established in 1973 as Uzay Teknik Cooperation in İstanbul. After having experienced nearly 50 years, especially in the manufacturing and construction industry, we decided to become an entrepreneur, and we renamed our company ISF Elevator and Engineering Company. We removed Uzay Teknik from our name to make even greater strides as a global company.


Our experiences involve the design of elevator systems and supply all components and spare parts for lifts. Our main target is to dedicate our experiences to the industry as engineering design and customer support. We set up a marketing team including qualified staff. Our company, registered officially was ready to meet the demand of the existing lift industry and to contribute to the development of new cities.

We expanded our operations outside Turkey as part of our aim to be a global company. In 2022 ISF Elevator GmbH was founded in Germany. We are sure that we will continue to be appreciated by our customers and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future. We’re able to meet the diverse needs of the most demanding customers and also have the ability to offer a unique solution to our clients.

Our main aim is to offer the best solutions with Integrated, Strong, and Flexible (ISF) elevator systems to our customers. Constant improvement and endless innovation are our unchanging elements to create the best.