Disabled Elevator

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Disabled Elevator

Lift for the disabled is designed for persons who are not able to step up on any elevation or ascend a stair. Designers and engineers want to remove all obstacles to travel between the two floors. With this aim, many types of disabled lifts are designed and manufactured.

These can be summarized as follows:

Inclined wheelchair lifts
Wheelchair platform lifts
Vertical platform lifts

Disability passengers used wheelchairs can be preferred wheelchair lifts. This type of lift generally works from 1 to 2 meters. Either inclined wheelchair lifts or wheelchair platform lifts can be supplied by our company. When space is limited vertical wheelchair lifts work with a platform that can easily be installed.  Vertical wheelchair lifts are comfortably equipped and simple to install, they are used equally in offices, in public buildings, and in houses. Disabled lifts should be overhauled and periodically checked by the experts.

When the stairways are not the same, stairlifts are infinitely preferable. As a result, the demands on a stairway lift are high and extremely diverse. Generally, all stairlift models are individually designed and tailor-made with our knowledge and experience. Stairlifts can be used for disabled persons both outside and inside the house. This type of lift can be work both and around a curved stairway or straight line and it can be run on a rail up and down.

All types of elevators are supplied by ISF Elevator and Engineering Company and also they can be delivered to all over the world with short delivery time. All parts of the disabled lifts can be provided by ISF according to European Standards. Since our philosophy is: human life is more important and valuable than anything else, our engineers offer new projects for every solution at an appropriate price. Our solutions are also suitable for providing barrier-free access for existing buildings.