KM-30S Door Control Boards

  • Door fully open / fully closed
  • Door jam or photocell active output
  • Relay contact output. For 3A, 250VAC or 30VDC
  • Door open / close signal
  • Slow signal / fast signal
  • Photocell signal
  • Ground signal
  • KM-30S door card is suitable for use on fire lift doors
  • With slow speed signal input, the photocell signal is blocked in long time photocell cutting and the doors are closed at slow speed (Nudging mode)
  • Door speed, door position and operating status in normal operation, and error in case of normal operation


KM-30S Door Control Boards.

Serious and Irregular

The advanced software softens the S in the navigation ramps and permits smooth but smooth movements of the door movements with no limit switch-free algorithm

No Limit Switch Required

The door operator does not need a limit switch for operation. KM-30S Door Control Boards is very useful on Door width, door open-close positions are detected automatically

When the door is jammed, the buzzer is turned back on. The jamming is passed slowly through the perceived zone to prevent damage to the passengers and the door


In terms of security, necessary needs and ease of setup, access to the menu has been authorized. Different levels of authority have been assigned to access the menu: producer level, basic level and restricted level

Wide Parameter Capability

For manufacturers, parameters such as motor reduction ratio, engine revolutions, drive pulley circumference, spoon opening zone, etc. can be entered for application flexibility


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