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Hydraulic Elevators

ISF Elevator, was founded to supply elevator equipments for use in the modernization of existing elevators and in new elevator design.

High-rise and high population cities like İstanbul absolutely depend on elevators and escalators. In today’s world, elevators are essential for offices, apartments and residences, over and above escalators also are essential for malls and airports. Elevator systems can be divided into three: geared & gearless elevators, hydraulic elevator , and Machine Room Less elevators.

Hydraulic elevators first came into use with water instead of oil at the beginning of the nineteenth century. After 1970, hydraulic elevators take place in the elevator sector. Especially, hydraulic drives have become the preferred vertical carrying for low-rise projects. For shorter buildings, an elevator with hydraulic systems is incredibly simple and highly effective. Establishing the cost of this type of elevator is less than machine-roomless, geared traction, and gearless traction type elevators. This is the main advantage of hydraulic drive elevators. Furthermore, less maintenance is required for fewer moving parts. Besides these advantages, the system has some drawbacks. In this system, a piston centered under the elevator cabin is placed in the ground. The hydraulic system consists of a tank, pump, and valves.
The cylinder is connected to a pumping system, the motor pumps fluid into the piston to raise the cabin, and the valve lets the fluid back out into the tank to lower it. When the cabin comes to the correct floor, the control equipment sends a signal to the motor to shut off the pump. After the pump is off, no oil flows into the cylinder, but the oil that is already in the cylinder cannot escape with the help of the valve. Other equipment is in the hoistway and on the cabin, these are the same parts that every type of elevator has. Moreover, ınstead of driving from below the cabin, jacks can attach to the sides of the cabin sling, and telescopic jacks can be preferred for long travel distances. The equipment of the holeless telescopic jack is more expensive than traction equipment.


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