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Wheelchair Elevators

ISF Elevator, was founded to supply elevator equipments for use in the modernization of existing elevators and in new elevator design.

The sector of the elevator in the world is growing day by day. Transportation becomes part of our urban life. Moreover, the need for lifts is increasing with the aging population. In addition to the aging persons, people with disabilities also use elevators for access between floors.

Elevators are designed for disabled persons who are not able to step up on any elevation or ascend a stair. Engineers and designers want to remove all obstacles to travel between

  • floors
  • home,
  • hospitals, commercial and industrial places,
  • schools,
  • airports and other constructions for the disabled persons.

For this aim, many types of disabled elevators are designed and manufactured. Disabled passengers with wheelchairs may prefer wheelchair elevators. This type of elevator usually runs from 1 to 2 meters. When space is limited, vertical wheelchair elevator can be easily mounted with a platform. Vertical wheelchair elevator is comfortably equipped and simple to install. Therewithal, when the stairs are not the same, stair
elevators are infinitely preferred. An elevator for wheelchair can help you and your loved ones to access all levels of your home. Whether you want to travel on a vertical platform lift to conquer steep slopes or an inclined wheelchair lift to travel along an existing staircase, ISF can offers the best solution for safe and reliable transport from place to place.

All disabled lifts, especially wheelchair elevators can be provided by ISF Elevator according to European Standards. As our philosophy is that human life is more important and valuable than anything else, our engineers offer a new project at an affordable price for each solution. Solution of our engineers is also suitable for barrier-free access for existing buildings. Both inclined wheelchair elevators and wheelchair platform elevators can be supplied by our company. Disabled lifts should be revised and periodically checked by experts.


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