Folding Doors (D & W Types)



Folding Doors (D & W Types)

A folding door is a great solution when you have limited space in your elevator cabin. We especially encounter them with old technology elevators where inner doors were not credited that much. The best way to add an inner door and provide safety at these elevators is to prefer folding doors (D & W Types). Foldable doors are very easy to install and provide the safety level that regulations require. There are different types like D or W shapes. As ISF, we can design and find the most proper folding doors for your projects.


• 24 V DC brushed motor
• Electronic jam control
• Accumulator and photocell control
• Ability to operate with 220 V AC and LIR
• Ability to operate with single (close signal)
• Adjustment of short circuit as NO/NC
• Stainless sill option
• Glass panel option
• Installation gap and net entrance gap (mm)
(650-575) / (700-625) / (750-675) /…../ (950-875)


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