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Looking for high quality replacement elevator parts? We have the parts you need at affordable prices.

As a company that sells elevator parts, it's important to have a solid understanding of the various components that make up an elevator system. Some of the key parts you may want to consider selling include:

  1. Elevator doors: This includes the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors. These are typically made from durable materials such as steel and are designed to provide both safety and security for passengers.
  2. Elevator controllers: The elevator controller is the brain of the system and is responsible for managing the operation of the elevator. This includes controlling the movement of the elevator car, as well as managing the opening and closing of the doors.
  3. Elevator motors: The elevator motor is what powers the system and is responsible for moving the elevator car up and down the hoistway. These motors are typically electric and can be either geared or gearless.
  4. Elevator safety devices: Elevator safety devices are critical components that help ensure the safety of passengers. These can include things like safety brakes, overspeed governors, and emergency stop switches.
  5. Elevator cables: Elevator cables are used to lift and lower the elevator car and are typically made from high-strength steel.

By offering these key elevator parts, you can provide a wide range of options to customers who may be looking to repair or upgrade their existing elevator systems. Additionally, it may be helpful to provide detailed information on each of these parts, including their specifications and recommended maintenance procedures, to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.


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