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Automobile Elevators

ISF Elevator, was founded to supply elevator equipments for use in the modernization of existing elevators and in new elevator design.

The number of automobile and population is increasing day by day. Elevator is using for human, good and automobile transport at places or commercial buildings. The total number of vehicles in the world was estimated nearly 1 billion during 2010. Every year nearly 88.1 million cars and light commercial vehicles were sold worldwide

Every day the number of automobile is increasing. Automobiles make up approximately 74% of the total motor vehicle production per year in the world.

As a result, the demand for automobile elevators increases with the increasing number of vehicles. For that reason, the global elevator market has opportunities for growth in this area. Car elevators are designed for moving cars in car showrooms, homes, garages, and more. Moreover, parking is a key problem for people who use automobiles. Automobile elevators and high-travel scissor lifts can be used for solving this big problem. With the development of technology, automobiles can be traveled between floors by elevators. Automobile elevators provide compact solutions, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions for residential and commercial places and homes.

  • They offer design flexibility and significant space savings for architects and construction designers.
  • With the help of this solution, more innovative designs are possible.
  • Basic features of the automobile elevators are lower average speeds and heavy load capacity.

Furthermore, the hydraulic automobile elevator can also be selected to transport both automobiles and passengers quickly and reliably to the desired parking level. Remote control or smart card systems can be selected to initiate the operation and for safety. All kinds of automobile elevator models can be designed by ISF Elevator and Engineering Company, automobile elevator manufacturers, to make life easier and to customize your individual requirements. Our team of experienced engineers offers comfort, reliable quality, and cost-effectiveness with their design. Our central aim is to offer innovation, flexibility, and respect to our clients.


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