KM-10 Door Controllers

KM-10 Door Controller for Automatic Teleskopic Doors


KM-10 Door Controllers

KM-10 GENERAL FEATURES KM-10 provides complete hold of the motor with its 4 region motor control and high-resolution encoder input hardware. Integrated KM-10 Keypad allows access to all its parameters and functionality. In addition to this hardware, it allows swift but comfortable motion of doors with its software that provides S softening in travel ramps and which has an algorithm that does not require limit switches.

KM-10 provides features for auto-learning of door travel limits without open-close limit switches. In order to work with the control panels in complete harmony it can generate “Doors are completely open”, “Doors are fully closed” and “Obstruction or photocell detected” signals. These signals enable it to work for fire lift doors. A nudging function is included with reduced speed closing with sound alert after a long time photocell interrupt. In case of mains failure, it can get the power from 2 pcs 12V batteries or 24VDC external supply.

The emergency supply type can be selected easily via a jumper on board. KM-10 protects the battery from over-charge with a smart battery charge system. After an emergency opening with a battery supply, KM-10 goes into sleep mode and protects the batteries from over-discharge. With a floor level signal input, doors can be kept closed until the car is moved to the just floor during an emergency evacuation. It provides a parameter menu that has access levels for security, user/customer needs, and easy adjustment.

KM-10 provides many functions and parameters for manufacturing companies that enable application flexibility, like motor reduction ratio, motor revolution, motor sheave circumference, and skate open zone. It provides user-friendly parameter setting with speed units in cm/s and travel distance units in cm. It provides a counter for the information of opening-closing times. Basic parameters (Door opening-closing speed, obstruction pressure, signal type, and demo mode) can be adjusted easily by a user via built-in 7-segment displays and buttons. Optional KM-10 Keypad allows access to all its parameters, functionality, and monitoring screens. Availability of multiple languages: Turkish, English, and Greek


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