ARL 500 Elevator Controller Units

ARL-500 ARL 500 controller comprises many features that have been developed for an elevator controller that works more efficiently. The control of the elevator can be shaped only by a few parameter adjustments; no extra card or software is needed.


ARL 500 Elevator Controller Units

SYSTEM FEATURES Compatible with rope and hydraulic elevators up to 48 stops Can work for lifts with speeds up to 2.5 m/s Can work in up/down collective and full collective systems Can work in groups up to 8 elevators Can get car position data by an encoder or by magnetic switches Fast and secure serial communication with car and landing units via CANbus Flexible solutions specific to an application by free programmable inputs/outputs placed on main, car and landing boards Door pre-opening and re-leveling by internal door bridging relays Independent automatic door control with respect to stops by double door support Internal phase order motor protection circuit Short-circuiting protected supply and signal outputs. Can store the last 200 errors with date, time, and stop number enabling detailed error tracking 2 CANBus. 1 RS-232 and 1 RS-485 serial ports Special connections on the control panel, inspection box, and pit box for safety circuit contacts

PRE-WIRED INSTALLATION Connections to car units with sockets Connections to floor doors contacts with sockets Connections to pit unit with sockets USER INTERFACE Easy setting of parameters by the wide graphic LCD screen. 6 button keyboard and instructive menu Availability of multiple languages in the menu: Turkish, English, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, French and Italian Control of ARL-500 mainboard and ADrive VVVF inverter from any point by hand terminal connected to CANbus line Ability to monitor and make adjustments on remote elevators via internet/LAN by using the ARKEL Vision software Ability to download/upload ARL-500 controller’s parameters by using the ARL-500 Parameter Tool software Ability to update the mainboard software via computer by using the ARKEL Firmware Updater software

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Password protection of menu access and disabling of a system aftercare time Fireman service and emergency operation during a fire Emergency rescue operation for electrical or hydraulic elevators Panic input and evacuation operation during panic phase Adjustment of parking floor to different levels according to daytime Canceling of access to desired floors Counters for travel information Direction arrows and text scrolling type settings for dot matrix displays Warning messages input by the user to be shown as scrolling messages in dot matrix displays Special test function to test the connections and settings of the car and landing operating panels Adjustments of gong and button sound in car and floor button panels Cancelation of redundant calls by photocell control Ability to accept floor calls in one direction Ability to limit the calls registered from the car Ability to cancel the car calls by pressing twice

CONFORMITY EMC tested and verified Full conformance to EN 81-1 and EN 81-2 as a complete elevator controller


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