ARL 100 Elevator Controller Units

ARL 100 Elevator controller for non-collective systems An economic and pratic card for one speed or two-speed simple push button lifts up to 8 floors.


ARL 100 Elevator Controller Units

Features: An economic and pratic card for one-speed or two-speed simple push-button lifts up to 8 floors. The system is composed of only one unit (22x11cm). Floor detection is carried out by a counter system. Only 3 magnetic switches for one speed and 4 for two speed systems including limit switches are used for any number of floors. All system parameters (Number of floors, busy delay, door lock wait time, automatic door yes-no, max. floor to floor travel time, fire park floor, max. time to wait for door close, stop at floor level on inspection) can be adjusted by the user via 3 buttons and 7-segment display on the card.

ARL 100 a 7-segment display indicates the car position at normal condition and displays an error code at abnormal conditions. Fire alarm input, earthquake sensor input, over-load input, car priority switch input, direction arrow, car lamp, busy, out of service, and automatic door outputs are available. 7-segment and signalization outputs are short-circuit protected Designed according to European lift standard EN-81.


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