Overspeed Governor (Ø315 mm)

PRODUCT FEATURES • Nominal speed (min) 0.63 m/s • Nominal speed (max) 2.00 m/s • Fullfillment of lift directive EN81:20 & EN:81:50 • Engaging of the safety gear in both directions • First cuts off the safety switch and than trips • Overspeed governor with safety contact • Configuration for machine room or shaft head possible • Tensioning weight with safety contact • Applicable for secondary installations and modernizations • Pre-set according nominal speeds and sealed • Fixing holes are completely compatible with other overspeed governors • Mounting at almost everry lift type possible • Easy installation and maintenance • Test groove ratio is 2/3 . • Detailed operating instructions



Overspeed Governor (Ø315 mm)

UCM SYSTEM • Short locking period • 24 Vdc / 3.60 amp – 190vdc / 0.38 amp safety coil • Coil control swıtch • It’s delıvered as assembled on Overspeed governor. ıt’s not compatıble wıth another brand Overspeed governors. • It can be used for revısıon. GEARED SYSTEM COMPATIBLE WITH ENCODER • It’s compatible with Ø8 mm pin diameter rotary type encoder • Gear portion is 1/3. (speed of rotation on the panel must be managed as lower 3 times.) REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR MACHINE ROOMLESS • Driving power, tractive force: 0.85 kg • Tripping coil 220 V, 0.52 amp, 354 ohm – 24 V, 8.05 amp • Reset coil 220 V, 0.70 amp, 180 ohm – 24 V, 3.20 amp • Connectivity to cables with connector. Overspeed Governor Ø315 mm


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