Elevator Manufacturer in Turkey

ISF was founded to supply elevator equipments for use in the modernization of existing elevators and in new elevator design. Our first company has been established in 1973 as Uzay Teknik Cooperation in province of İstanbul Turkey.

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The global elevator and escalator market has opportunities for growth. They are used to move both people and goods vertically. Elevators have become an integral part of the building facilities over the past half century. Many companies work to improve safer technologies for new products. A wide range of elevators can be used in the buildings. We can summarize the elevators into three: machine-roomless, geared traction and gearless traction. In the period of decade, the most widely used elevator type is machine-roomless.

Machine-Roomless Elevator (shortened to as MRL or M.R.L.) is a type of either hydraulic or traction elevator which do not need a machine room. VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) Inverter is preferred for MRL to provide quiet door operation and passenger safety. The motor is established by using a constant magnet which ‘‘sticks’’ the motor constantly and operate with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive. Machine room on the roof will no longer be needed, as all machineries appropriately put into the hoistway, except the control board that can be installed anywhere within 30 meters distance from the traction machine. When the hoisting motor is installed on the hoistway side wall, the main controller unit is generally set up on the top floor next to the landing door instead of on the bottom floor. Furthermore some elevators have the controller unit on the door frame instead on the wall to save space.

Powerful electric motor is driven the lift and counterweights provides travel between floors. In a similar way normal traction elevators, machine room less elevators applies the traditional steel cord ropes employed as the carrying cables. Flat steel rope belts are being applied by some elevator manufacturers instead of traditional ropes. Machine room less elevators do not possess a permanent machine room on the upper side of the hoistway, or the lowest part of the hoistway. S

ome of the hoisting machines are employing gearless synchronous motors instead of traditional induction motor. Therefore, this design get rid of required area for fixed machine room and hence more building spaces will be saved. Nearly all the traction MRL elevators have gearless traction system. This design which comes with a machine-room-less system will be approved by constructer, architects, and interior decorators.