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Displays are the elements that give users or controller personnel important information about the situation of the elevator. Elevator displays, or mostly known as elevator screens today, are the indicators of modern technology of most elevator systems.

There are three different places that elevator screens used; COP’s, LOP’s, and the elevator control panels. So these displays are placed either at landing points, or at cabins, or at the main control unit of elevator systems.

Knowing the exact position of the elevator cabin is very crucial. Passengers at landing points and inside the cabins should know that where the cabin is and where it is going. This is only possible with some kind of a screen, or displays. At the beginning of the last century, when the elevators were new in human history, old types of indicators were used to show the position of the elevator cabins. These indicators were operated by simple mechanisms, that very proper to their era.

But today, the buildings became so much taller, and elevators are much faster than their ancestors. It would be impossible to indicate the position of an elevator cabin at a 100-story-building.

So today, we use improved sensors to detect the position of the cabin, and up-to-date displays to show it. As ISF Elevator Company, we use the most advanced and fancy elevator displays on our projects, which turns them into a work of art. You can check our website for many different kinds of displays, and choose the best one for your need.