Auxiliary Units

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Auxiliary Units. Auxiliary units of an elevator control unit are very crucial to provide operation and safety of the whole system. These systems are able to manage some of the most important functions such as moving the car to the nearest floor in case of unexpected power losses.

Another very important element of these units is the elevator displays. Elevator displays show or indicate to us the situation of the cabin or other useful information like the date or time. Displays are generally digitals, but the latest technology ones may be a screen. Especially, luxurious cabin displays are more advanced than classical elevator displays.

One other important device of the auxiliary units is the door detector. Door detectors carry a very important role in detecting the cabin doors if they are completely closed or not. If the doors are not sealed securely, they may cause accidents with serious consequences.

Magnetic switches, emergency rescue units, inspection & alarm sets are also a part of auxiliary units. All of these have very important roles in controlling, commanding, or following the moves of elevator parts and cabins. These auxiliary units are generally commanded from the mainboard. This way, all of the complicated functions are controlled by a single element, which makes it very easy to control everything.

There are many auxiliary unit types with different functions for an elevator system. You can check our website to see them and define your needs for a complete elevator system. ISF Elevator provides top-quality components and parts that perfectly work with each other.