Elevator Doors

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Elevator Doors

ISF Elevator supplies all kinds of elevator doors including atutomatic, semi-automatic and folding doors.

The doors form the visible face of the elevator. Automatic elevator doors and semi-auto doors are now a preferred door system in all new buildings.

Automatic doors are generally classified according to the closing or opening of the door. The doors are divided into horizontal, vertical, and folding doors according to their sliding pattern. Automatic doors are self-opening and closing. Fully automatic doors can be examined under three main headings. Horizontal, vertical, and folding doors.

The horizontal automatic door is the most widely used door model in every model of elevator technology. It has a structure that has more comfort compared to manual opening doors. Horizontally operated sliding doors do not interfere with manual operation. In this door model, the movement is made by the mechanism in the cabin. Central or telescopic opening doors are preferred over the opening speed of the doors and the useful usage distances.

Vertical automatic door is one of the few door models used in elevators. It is used more in freight (goods) elevators and service (dumbwaiter) elevators.  On these doors, the wings move up or down or up and down. These movements show that the number of wings in vertical doors is important.

While the manual opening and closing folding doors and semi-automatic folding doors are used on the landing doors, the fully automatic doors are used on both the landing and the cabin doors. Folding doors are located at the entrance of the cabin behind the semi-automatic and manually opened-closing floor doors.

ISF Elevator and Components supplies all types of patterned cabin and landing doors in line with European standards. According to the customer’s demands, all types of doors for passengers, stretchers, and goods with any dimensions can be supplied.